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Comfynose is a very warm lightweight nosewarmer. It is perfect for wearing inside the house when temperatures are warm but your nose is ice-cold. It fits snugly around the head and cups your nose in warmth. Colors: sea blue and dark blue. Sizes: A-average or B-large. P.O.Box 25175, Farmington, NY 14425,

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The nosewarmer with Ear Muffs The nosewarmer has ear muffs attached to the side bands and which slide into place. This nosewarmer is invaluable to those who are really busy with their jobs and don't care to fuss to keep their ear muffs on. Ideal for fishermen!

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The Sporty Nosewarmer is made from fleece. It is made similarly to the regular nosewarmer but has a black elastic band that goes around the head fitting the nosewarmer in place. The sporty nosewarmer is popular being worn on the slopes guarding the onset of a frostbite.

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