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Regular Nosewarmer

The Nose Warmer, formerly Comfynose is handmade from porous soft fleece. This nosewarmer is necessary for women who suffer from icy-cold noses which can be painful! The nosewarmer has a central cup that is attached to flexible side bands, also fleece that keeps the cheeks warm. The air that you breathe is instantly warmed up, helping you breathe easier. Benefits include instant warmth, preventing frostbite, relieves cold nose pain. It is sports gear which is used in skiing, hiking, snowboarding and backpacking. Also, HANDS FREE!!! EAT and work in comfort!!!

The nosewarmer is breathable and is resists moisture. You get instant warmth! Customers include mostly women who develop icy cold noses even when the temperatures in their home is warm!. Other customers include men, husbands and boyfriends of women who complain about the icy cold nose. Other customers are fishermen, cowboys, postal workers, and those who may work in damp areas.

The Nosewarmers are ideal winter sports apparel , athletic clothing that is specialized, all custom made. Our nosewarmers and our ear muffs are women's accessories and athletic wear, made of soft fleece which are lightweight but very warm. The nosewarmer fits around the head snugly with an adjustable fleece band and fits over the ears as it goes around the head.The nosewarmer instantly warms the nose. Nosewarmers are treatment for the cold nose. There are different types of nosewarmers - the regular, sporty, nosewarmers with ear muffs, the filter nosewarmer and the solar nosewarmer! BUY NOW

Sporty Nosewarmer

The Sporty Nosewarmer is made from fleece. It is made similarly to the regular nosewarmer but has a black elastic band that goes around the head fitting the nosewarmer in place. The sporty nosewarmer is popular being worn on the slopes guarding the onset of a frostbite. It is worn on hikes and is a lifesaver for those afflicted with a sinusitis or Raynaud's Phenomenon.

Filter Nosewarmer

The Filter Nosewarmer is made from fleece but a filter material is wedged in between the fleece layers. The filter nosewarmer can also be made out of a solarweave material in which a filter can be wedged in. The "Solarweave " is a sun-protecting fabric . It is known to provide high SPF, UVA, and UVB sun protection such as that sold under the trademark SOLUMBRA. These products are advertised to provide 30+ SPF protection. material is soft, but sturdy. BUY NOW - filter with fleece.

Solar Nosey (Guard)

Solar Nosewarmer Solarweave BUY NOW

Nose warmer W/Ear Muffs

The nosewarmer with Ear Muffs The nosewarmer has ear muffs attached to the side bands and which slide into place. This nosewarmer is invaluable to those who are really busy with their jobs and don't care to fuss to keep their ear muffs on. Ideal for fishermen! BUY NOW

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