Nose Protectors, different uses
Nose Protectors, different uses

MASKS, NOSE AND MOUTH Protectors, Nose Covers, especially our Nose warmer are made primarily for a cold nose, a medical condition. The filter mask nosewarmer is especially invaluable at this time during the Coronavirus epidemic.   Nosewarmer is sports apparel homemade of the finest non-wicking fleece and are primarily designed to alleviate a cold nose. Our Filter Nosewarmers are made from quality breathable fleece, meaning that moisture does not build up in the nasal piece which causes the nose to get cold. Fleece is the best material to use!!! The Nosewarmers are very useful in hot climates, where air conditioning is a must but causes the nose to get cold and stuffy, leading to headaches!

 We have different styles of Nosewarmers and they are all custom made to fit your nose perfectly! They are sewn intricately as per the features and measurements of your nose!!! We have women, men who believe it or not have cold noses! They say that their noses get so ice-cold that the nose gets painful. Many get sinusitis, a terrible condition!  Even in the summer with the air conditioner on, our nosewarmers are  life savers. 

We have husbands who call about their wives and girlfriends pleading for a Nosewarmer as they state that their wives noses are so cold that they have to hold up a handkerchief or tissue on their noses most of the time.

As for me, I can be in a cozy room dsiring to read that great book. i am finally comfortable but yet my nose is ice-cold. What gives! I made the Nosewarmers!!!

I have customers which include housewives, postal service workers, workers who work in basements, cowboys, and just people who love the outdoors.

I have customers who have gotten sinusitis from a cold nose at night. They wore their Nosewarmers and their sinusitis is GONE!!

Folks who are being treated for cancer say their noses are the first to get cold!! They cannot stand it!

Nosewarmer which is sporty Sporty Nosewarmer

The sporty nosewarmer is made like the regilar nosewarmer, but has an elastic band instead of a fleece band. The dporty nosewarmer is more sporty.

Our Price: $25.99
Filter mask nosewarmer Filter Mask and Nosewarmer

The filter mask Nosewarmer is made from 2 layers of soft material. A filter is in between which can be replaced with a new filter. This filters out injurious particles in the air. The fleece covering can be handwashed to keep its resiliency.
The Filter Nosewarmer is made from fleece but a filter material is wedged in between the fleece layers. The filter mask nosewarmer can also be made out of a solarweave material in which a filter can be wedged in. The "Solarweave " is a sun-protecting fabric . It is known to provide high SPF, UVA, and UVB sun protection such as that sold under the trademark SOLUMBRA. These products are advertised to provide 30+ SPF protection. material is soft, but sturdy. All of our masks are comfortable to wear.

Our Price: $25.99
Nosewarmer with ear muffs Nosewarmer with ear muffs

The nose warmer with ear muffs are Great! They are made of the finest fleece and the ear muffs stay in place as they slide into position on the ears. YOUR NOSE AND EARS ARE SO WARM! The nose warmer with the ear muffs are wonderful especially for those rugged folks who like to go hunting and other outdoor activities. FISHERMAN ON THE LAKES DEMAND THESE!
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This nosewarmer is invaluable to those who are really busy with their jobs and don't care to fuss to keep their ear muffs on. Ideal for fishermen.

Our Price: $55.00
Solar nosewarmer SOLAR Nosewarmer

The solar nose warmer is made of soft Solarweave, a material which is touted to be 97% protective of the sun's UV rays. PROTECT YOUR NOSE

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Our Price: $25.99
NoseWarmer Nosewarmer

The Nose warmers, the original nosewarmer is a very warm lightweight Nosewarmer used for medical purposes like a cold nose. It is perfect for wearing inside the house even when the temperatures are warm but yet the nose is ice cold. It is homemade from good fleece, which has non-wicking properties. It does not cause moisture build up which can cause the nose to get cold,. The Original Nosewarmer goes around the head cupping the nose in warmth. The Original Nosewarmer is made intricately to cup your ice cold nose in warmth. The Original Nosewarmer warms the nose instantlly.
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Our Price: $25.99

The Nosewarmers are homemade to your size.

The Nosewarmers have been featured on three  Doctors

The Nosewarmers have been featured in SAMPLER  MAGAZINE

The Nosewarmers have been featured on Jay Leno

The Nosewarmers haso receiveded a GOLD MEDAL at the Inpex Convention!!


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