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Nosewarmer is used for medical reasons, homemade from non-wicking fleece. The Nosewarmer has a central piece attached to flexible straps which go around the head, alleviating the cold nose.
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Nose Warmer

The Nose Protectors, the original nosewarmer s a very warm lightweight Nosewarmer used for medical purposes like a cold nose. It is perfect for wearing inside the house even when the temperatures are warm but yet the nose is ice cold. It is homemade from good fleece, which has non-wicking properties. It does not cause moisture build up which can cause the nose to get cold,. The Original Nosewarmer goes around the head cupping the nose in warmth. The Original Nosewarmer is made intricately to cup your ice cold nose in warmth. The Original Nosewarmer warms the nose instantlly.
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None warmer used for medical purposes.