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Pet Supplies Weewee bag - The greatest tool for housebreaking a dog inside and outside the house! WeeWeebag
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housetraining a dog inside and outside the house, housebreaking a dog using the weewee bag, pet supplies WeeWee Bag

The Weewee Bag is the greatest dog housetraining tool inside the house! The WeeWee Bag is handcrafted by our company intended for dogs and puppies to learn how to go potty inside the house. The WeeWee Bag allows the dog and puppies to do potty, shooting their peepee at the bag. The male dogs especially pick up their hind legs and shoot their peepee at the weewee bag.
The wee wee bag is placed on the pad. The urine trickles down the weewee bag down onto the pad. The weewee bag is so successful in being a wonderful tool for dogs, because the weewee bag reminds the dog or puppies of that tree outside, where they have been making potty only outside. The weewee bag is made with repellent fabrics on the outside and polyester fill on the inside. It has a tie on top which can be pulled to close up the bag. Besides, being the dog's fashion spot, the bag can be used for other things. It has a fashionable look!

Our Price: $13.99
Nosewarmer with ear muffs Nosewarmer with ear muffs

The nose warmer with ear muffs are Great! They are made of the finest fleece and the ear muffs stay in place as they slide into position on the ears. YOUR NOSE AND EARS ARE SO WARM! The nose warmer with the ear muffs are wonderful especially for those rugged folks who like to go hunting and other outdoor activities. FISHERMAN ON THE LAKES DEMAND THESE!
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This nosewarmer is invaluable to those who are really busy with their jobs and don't care to fuss to keep their ear muffs on. Ideal for fishermen.

Our Price: $55.00