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Filter mask and nosewarmer
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Filter mask nosewarmer Filter Mask and Nosewarmer

The filter mask Nosewarmer is made from 2 layers of soft material. A filter material is sewn on the backside, blocking out bacteria even smaller than o.3 microns.
This filters block out unwanted environmental injurious particles or contaminants in the air. The fleece covering can be handwashed to keep its resiliency. We can make a pocket in between the fleece material for the filter fabric that can be replaced.
The filter mask nosewarmer can also be made out of a soft solarweave material in which a filter can be wedged in. The "Solarweave " is a sun-protecting fabric . It is a lighter material and worn during the warmer months. It is known to provide high SPF, UVA, and UVB sun protection such as that sold under the trademark SOLUMBRA. These products are advertised to provide 30+ SPF protection. material is soft, but sturdy. All of our masks are comfortable to wear. Our fleece covering has a special nose indentation or crease to fit just right on the nose. There are two bands. The higher up band is elastic but fleece covered. The lower elastic band is the elastic fkexible band.

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Our Price: $25.99
Filter mask protection l  nosewarmers.com 
    with a single band Filter Mask and Nosewarmer/single band

Our filter mask nosewarmer has one widened thickened elastic band on each side that holds the filter mask and nosewarmer or nose cover in place on the face. Filters are sewn inside.  The mask can be handwashed. The masks are breathable, non- wicking and will not build up moisture or wetness.

Our Price: $25.99
Filter mask nosewarmer with 2 elastic black bands on each side to hold the mask in place. Filter Mask and Nosewarmer

Filter mask nosewarmer with a filter material inside with 2 black elastic bands on each side holding the filter mask in place firmly.

Our Price: $25.99